Banking & Finance

The rapid evolution of financial services is being driven by regulatory changes, digital transformation, and the arrival of new fintech players. We help financial institutions, retailers and other players meet this challenge with multiple payment methods for both digital and physical transactions. We also provide a growing range of software and services for digital banking and payment services. This includes strong identity verification for enrolling new customers, payment data encryption, and multiple authentication schemes, including Biometrics, to access digital banking services

Digital payment technology comes in many shapes​. With EMV as the underlying technology, we now supply a complete range of form factors to accommodate your specific constraints and business requirements, as an issuer of payment tools.

  1. EMV chip card portfolio and EMV white label scheme
  2. Contactless payment solutions. From EMV cards to innovative form factors: wearables, micro tags and stickers
  3. New biometric card to leverage fingerprint authentication
  4. Eco-friendly bank cards to accompany your green payment strategies
  5. Most prestigious metal cards for style and panache
  6. Display payment card portfolio
  7. Card design and printing options

Government Projects

National ID

Trusted identity is a vital component of a well-functioning society. That's why improving security, slashing ID fraud and identity theft, and creating an infrastructure of trust for new online access are high on every government's agenda, with a call for greater security features and the necessary legislation to implement them. Many advanced countries are now demonstrating that, beyond the security benefits for both states and individuals, national ID cards with their derived digital IDs can provide citizens and businesses with real services and benefits without infringing upon new rules on data protection and civil liberties.

National ID programs are also the opportunity to create a secure digital identity for each cardholder. These secure electronic identity cards generally referred to as ID cards, or simply ID's are opening the gate to secure and trusted online services. The most common applications for these smart cards are smart to travel documents, electronic IDs, electronic signatures, municipal cards, key cards used to access secure areas or business infrastructures, social security cards, etc. 

As the leading provider of secure, tailor-made ID solutions, LNL LTD can help governments improve security and deploy electronic applications to offer better public services and cut administration costs. Besides ID card solutions increase citizen protection, contribute to better control immigration and offer an effective means of ID checking such as biometric authentication​, using security that is always one step ahead.

LNL LTD offers a variety of secure ID cards with a range of professional solutions for a complete solution, including ID verification software and smart ID scanners, which can be delivered as individual systems or using a managed service option.  


From issuance and personalization of highly secure travel documents such as biometric passports to enrolment and robust border control security solutions, LNL LTD can offer the whole product or supply any part of the chain. 

We deliver fully compliant, highly secure, tailor-made solutions in your hand when you want them, safe, secure, and trusted.

LNL LTD also offers a wide range of components and solutions for National Printers issuing machine-readable passports, electronic​​ passports, or the latest generation of biometric passports

  • Our core offer is LNL LTD Travel, our ICAO compliant secure embedded software, which offers the highest level of performance, and interoperability in the market. 
  • Our Premium Inlay and Premium Cover are our ultra-thin and flexible inlays and electronic covers for easy integration in the booklet manufacturing process and the support from our experts and technical consultants for optimal results.
  • We offer polycarbonate data pages for the highest level of security and the use of innovative security features combining optical and visual features for security-conscious printers. This includes the innovation of a secure color picture in polycarbonate
  • We offer more than 40 security features: visually appealing, challenging to forge, and simple to verify with the naked eye or a passport scanner. These include unrivalled innovations, enabling almost limitless design potential to be combined with the highest security level. Moreover, our design experts can help you define the optimum choice of features to fit your needs and requirements

LNL LTD Passport components sustain the real-world stress of stringent day-to-day use and have a long lifetime of up to ten years in the field. This is ensured by rigorous durability requirements surpassing ICAO and ISO standards.​

At LNL LTD, we believe in taking a comprehensive approach to security. We offer extensive experience and support, enabling our customers to meet their expectations for distinctive documents that are as secure as they are attractive. Collaboration with customers lies ​at the heart of our process, and we have developed a comprehensive approach to passport security design that we believe can lead to superior results.​ We also believe it's critical that​ authorities do not overlook the continuing importance of a security-conscious approach to the paper elements (data page, booklet, cover).

Driving Licenses

The driver's license is a document with multiple uses – from giving its holder the right to drive certain vehicles to serving as a primary identity document, particularly in countries that do not have a national identity card program. With such vital uses, ensuring the security of a driver’s license document is vital. To this end, international standards such as ISO/IEC 18013, the current version published in 2018, have been developed to outline the framework for a secure, credit card-format document. The standard stipulates the use of visual security elements comparable to those used on identity cards and passports. It also lays down a standardized structure for the initial data set (IS0 18013-1). The material used for driver's license cards can bring another layer of security. Europe has adopted polycarbonate, a durable medium which is hard to counterfeit. This solution is also becoming highly preferable around the world.


Reliable, secure, efficient, and connected healthcare IT systems are essential for reducing costs by cutting the hefty administration bills usually associated with public healthcare programs. They are also vital in preventing fraud - one of the biggest problems in balancing social security budgets.

The deployment of smart health cards and healthcare IT systems streamline the prescription process, improves the quality of care given, and simplifies electronic healthcare records management through a coordinated health service process

Providing the complete healthcare IT solution or part of it, LNL LTD is the digital security expert for protecting personal health data while securely connecting all actors.

LNL LTD offers a complete set of flexible, personalized solutions to meet all requirements and suit your needs:
  • Complete healthcare IT system
  • Personalized smart health card - insurance card
  • Health professional cards tokens
  • Health card readers
  • Authentication gateway
  • Card Management System
  • Trust center technology

By identifying the holder and their affiliation to an organization and verifying their rights, a smart card acts as an essential component of the IT system to create and secure the transmission of standardized medical expense claims. Dematerializing the medical prescription from paper to electronic format helps organizations reduce costs and increase efficiency. Smart card solutions enable the pre-authorization of the health transaction by storing the validity of the patient's rights. Costs are divided by 6 to 7 when processes are dematerialized.

Smart card technology is often under-used in areas where it can achieve excellent results.

  • Strong identification and authentication for patients and healthcare professionals are critical features of microchip cards and should be implemented in the healthcare sector. Yet this is not the case in many countries.
  • Implementing healthcare smart health cards with an identification number and PIN or biometric authentication would enable the creation of personalized online services, a quintessentially "patient-centric" approach. However, these initiatives are still in the development stages
  • The ability to verify benefits, expiration dates, repeated and multiple uses are under-used
  • Thus far, the benefits of paperless, electronic medical data exchanges have not been fully tapped. Yet cards have a role in creating consistent databases, automatic reading of data, and temporary or permanent confidential local storage of additional data such as blood groups, allergies, chronic diseases, and associated treatments.

There are more opportunities for governments and organizations to rely on LNL LTD solutions to verify the identities of people and things, grant access to digital services, analyze vast quantities of information and encrypt data.
  • Social Security Cards
  • Municipal Cards
  • Armed Forces
  • Hybrid Cards

Telecommunication & GSM Applications

Recharging the phone, promotions, sweepstakes, and Internet applications are produced an introduction to the cards of choice for single and multiple varieties in areas with high security

  • Pressing serial numbers on carton and PVC cards
  • Label Safe Shutter
  • Chain Baggers
  • Labelling
  • DOD Matrix
  • 1D Barcode Pressing


Another our service area, public transportation, electronic toll collection and expenditure systems that are used in smart cards, contact and contactless feature of the production and personalization according to their capacity and data storage is performed.

In this context, our products are as follows:

  • Prepaid Toll Collection Cards
  • Single Disposable Smart Cards
  • Ultralight
  • Contact Cards
  • Contactless Cards


E-signature cards are manufactured in compliance with the standards of all signature providers through a well proactive approach. Our operating system supports highly secure PKI-based algorithms, the interface renders the functions of key pair production, secure signature and file encryption on the card much more easy and secure. By migrating to the technology to SIM cards, e-signature can now be added to GSM applications.

The package developed on secure signature and authentication is built upon authentication, integrity, confidentiality and undeniability principles underlying the PKI technology ranging from internal network security to internet security and accordingly, system functions are equipped with an array of additional functions including system functions, network access, electronic signature, file encryption and e-mail security


We design and manufacture all kinds of loyalty & reward cards which can easily integrate with any loyalty solution. Our Loyalty cards can helps attract and retain customers and give your business upper hand in the market place by giving you access to a bigger portion of your customers wallet.

Loyalty Cards Benefits

  • SecureID Loyalty helps boost your business reputation
  • SecureID Loyalty card increases conversion rate
  • SecureID Loyalty card helps build rich user profile
  • SecureID Loyalty card can help lower customer acquisition cost
  • SecureID Loyalty card helps increase average order value
  • SecureID Loyalty card helps reduce fraud


LNL LTD card personalization services with the lane machine realizes the advanced technology

  • Contact Chip
  • Contactless Chip
  • Envelopment / insert placing
  • Data Editing
  • Secure Data Transfer
  • Key Management